Shelter intake photo
This beautiful girl was found wandering the streets in a California neighborhood. Her finder is a volunteer for the local shelter and, seeing that she was injured, immediately brought her in where she could be seen by the shelter's vet and have her head wound cleaned and treated. The vet had no idea what might have caused this injury. Shelter personnel didn't feel anyone did this to her intentionally, but no one really knows for sure.

Rose D and her beloved Touri I

Earlier this week we were notified that a long time white GSD lover and supporter of our rescue, Rose D, had passed away unexpectedly. It was a tremendous loss to her family and friends and, of course, to our white GSD rescue furkids. We promised that we would save and name a dog in her honor ... and we were given the opportunity to keep that promise almost immediately when the rescue coordinator of the shelter reached out to us on little Rose, "This girl is sweet as pie! Came in with a nasty laceration or two, so today she was sedated and CVAC’s vet staff stapled the gnarliest one. The photo is pretty horrible but I took some video today and I’ve attached it for you." [NOTE: The first part of the below video was taken before the wound repair.]

Before surgery

Still groggy from anesthesia

UPDATE 6/27: With one of our staff members grounded due to a COVID-19 exposure, we called on our favorite transport team of Michael and Bob, to see if they could make the trip to pick up our new girl. According to Michael, he and Bob were going stir crazy and jumped at the chance to take a drive to California! They were on the road early this morning.

Rose was ready to hit the road when Michael and Bob arrived at the shelter

She settled right down in Bob's vehicle and rode quietly all the way

Arrival in Phoenix with her tail still wagging

She made herself right at home

Her head is heeling

And then the cats appeared ...

Hermione approached without fear
Rose wasn't sure she wanted to be introduced ... so Hermione sniffed and left her alone

UPDATE 6/29: Rose saw Dr. Jeff today for a thorough checkup. She's definitely underweight, and the vet found her to be slightly jaundiced, which is no surprise considering the condition she's in.

Only 40 pounds

Dr. Jeff has gentle hands

Thanks, Garrett

Everything sounds good

Rose was found to have a fever (103.5) and was given antibiotics. Dr. Jeff said the wound on her head was healing nicely and that the staples could be removed in another week. It won't heal as perfectly as it would have had it been tended to when it was fresh, but it will heal. There is also a scrape above her right eye which is healing nicely. We ordered a full blood panel and are awaiting the results; we will make sure that Rose gets everything she needs to get back to 100%.

Rose has a long road ahead of her before she's ready for spay. There is a slim chance that she is pregnant (only because no one knows how long she's been on her own), but the vet could neither see nor feel an indication of a pregnancy at this time. We will continue to watch her carefully, just in case. She has been unable to keep any food down, and she desperately needs some good nutrition, so her foster mom is giving her chicken and rice -- and she's loving it! We're hoping she will be eating normally in no time.

SAD AND FINAL UPDATE 7/1: In spite of our efforts, and after having a wonderful and happy day yesterday, Rose took a sudden turn for the worse this morning. She declined rapidly and early this afternoon she was taken to our vet to end her suffering. The bloodwork results are just coming in and it looked like liver failure finally took its toll on Rosie. We are grateful that she did not die alone in the desert, or in a shelter somewhere. She knew she was cared for and loved, even if it was just for the last week of her life. Rose is now with her benefactor, Rose, and no doubt they are enjoying each other's company...