Lucius is a 6 year old, purebred German Shepherd. He has been owned by the same family all of his life; however, now finds himself yet another victim of our country's economy. On February 1st, Lucius will lose his home. His family is forced to move in with relatives who will now allow Lucius to move with them. This has been a heartbreaking decision for Lucius' family, and it will be a heartbreaking event for Lucius.

Lucius has led a pampered far

Lucius is an indoor dog, housetrained and obedience trained; we don't know about cats or other small furry creatures as he has never been around them. He does have his favorite canine friends that he has known his entire life, so there is potential there (if the introductions are done properly) that Lucius would be fine with other dogs. According to his owner, the commands Lucius knows are: Speak, Sit, Lay down, Crawl (he does the soldier crawl), Roll over, Shake, Get up (in a car, on a bed, jump over a bush etc.), Get down, Stay, Heel, Lets go, Go to bed (his designated pillow, blanket, kennel, or sleep area), Go upstairs, Go down stairs, get that toy, Drop the toy, Bow [see above picture], 'whats that?' (if owner hears a noise in the house and says these words he checks the house out for what that noise was).

Lucius needs a foster or foster-to-adopt home. He is currently in California, and we are more than willing to bring him to Arizona; however, he needs a place to go one he gets here. If you are inclined to offer Lucius a place to stay, we'd love to hear from you.

Thanks to volunteer foster dad Art, Lucius now has a home to go to when he arrives in Phoenix. We'll be posting updates and we'll soon know whether Lucius will be joining Art's family permanently or will be available for adoption. Please check back.

UPDATE 1/26: A HUGE thank you goes out to Doug who has volunteered to FLY to Oceanside and pick up Lucius on Saturday, accompanied by future foster dad, Art. "In the air again..." (to be sung to the tune of "On the Road Again").

UPDATE 1/31: Lucius arrived safe and sound in Phoenix today, touching down at Deer Valley Airport right on schedule.

Art signals a perfect flight

Lucius is ready to get his feet back on the ground

Any landing where we can still use the plane afterwards is a good landing, according to Doug!

A proud foster dad takes Lucius for a walk on the tarmac

Lucius curls up on his bed for the drive to Chandler -- Thanks Mom & Dad for sending me to people who care about me

Lucius is up-to-date on shots and was microchipped upon arrival. We're going to give him some time to settle in to see if he and Elvie (the resident female GSD) are going to be happy living in the same household together. Time will tell if Lucius has found his forever home. Please check back for updates.

Elvie & Lucius enjoying the Super Bowl

Time to go out and play

UPDATE 2/7: We are delighted to hear that Foster Dad Arthur has decided to make it official and adopt Lucius! We will be updating Lucius' page with an official adoption photo and any ongoing updates and photos that Art provides. We are happy to have been able to give Lucius' story a happy ending.