Buddy (right) surveys his new domain with fursister Ally (adopted in December 2020) by his side

Shiloh (formerly Chalo) has a new job, babysitting for two 6 week old Aussie/Queensland heeler pups

Kara (now Kiara) was adopted by her family as a 3 year old and now celebrates her 11th birthday
APRIL 2022
Dax and Rocky graduate from the Soldier's Best Friend program as certified service dogs
An update from adopter Tom on his 2 service dogs Thor (formerly Jett) adopted from WGSDR in 2018 (left) and Magnus (formerly Solo) adopted in 2022 (right). "Hi, Nancy. I thought you might like to know that Thor quite possibly saved my life yesterday in a manner he was not trained for. I had a home invasion! It lasted only a matter of seconds before Thor put an end to it.

Some guy in his 20s first ignored my 'No Soliciting' sign and knocked on my door supposedly to try to sell me solar panels. After I suggested he could save himself time by following the sign and I had no interest and politely said' Good Day,' turning to go back inside, he then ignored the second sign that says 'Beware of Dog' ... and FOLLOWED ME IN! BIG MISTAKE!!! Thor charged him of course and before he got out the door Thor grabbed the back of his shirt collar and ripped it from top to bottom! The guy ran to a car which someone else was driving and flew off with Thor right behind! I had to chase him an entire block in bare feet and only my summer pajamas on!

Magnus is in very high regard right now -- even more than he was. He wanted to chase after Thor but when I gave him the command to 'stay' he stayed. ...When I got back, Magnus was still in the exact same spot! That was his longest stay by far under very difficult circumstances so I can truthfully say that Magnus has a solid stay now. Good boy, Magnus!

...Here's a new picture of my hero for you. My scar-faced warrior, the Mighty Thor! And for good measure a few updates for Magnus. His favorite place in the world is right next to me! I want to thank you again for two amazing dogs! I'm so lucky to have Thor and Magnus!

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