We hear it all the time;
"We just had a baby...gotta surrender our dog"
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If you are unable to keep your white German shepherd and would like our assistance in placing him (or her) into a new home, there are some things you should know and consider:

  • PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO THE CURRENT SHORTAGE OF FOSTER HOMES, WE ARE PROBABLY NOT ABLE TO HELP IF YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR DOG UNTIL SUITABLE PLACEMENT CAN BE FOUND -- sometimes up to several weeks or more. We require more than 24 or 72 hours' notice to attempt to find a temporary place to keep your dog safe.

  • Our goal is to rescue potentially adoptable dogs from shelters or surrendering owners and rehome them into appropriate, forever homes. Reasons for having to surrender a dog vary. If you are giving up your dog because of dangerous behavior or severe temperament issues, a rescue cannot be expected to resolve those issues in order to make your dog adoptable. We work with many behavioral issues that others might think cannot be overcome; however, we are not in a position to make an otherwise unadoptable dog adoptable.

  • Above all else, it is our ultimate goal to do what is best for the DOG, and your cooperation in helping us accomplish that goal is appreciated. That cooperation begins with following the instructions for completing the owner surrender form. Not reading will only result in delays. Thanks!

  • We are not a training facility per se, nor do we have unlimited resources. We wish we could save every dog and help every dog that needs a new home, but the reality is, we cannot. Your dog must be evaluated and deemed ADOPTABLE before being accepted into our rescue program. Please don't assume that your dog in not "adoptable"... that will be determined by our staff when your dog is evaluated.

  • We will make an appointment for you to bring your dog to our evaluator(s), at which time we will evaluate the dog's temperament, training level, and interaction with people and other dogs. We will also take photographs for posting on our web sites.

    PLEASE NOTE: As a result of some placement day "surprises" in the past, we will also ask you to bring your dog's shot/vet records, proof of spay or neuter, and any other relevant papers related to your dog's history. This will provide us with the opportunity to address anything needed BEFORE your dog is adopted.

    "Say Hello"
    Steff and Bert evaluate the temperaments on Remy and Casey,
    who were both accepted into our rescue program

  • If your dog is accepted into our program, we will ask you, the surrendering owner, to do the following:
  • Spay or neuter the dog.

  • Update all shots, including rabies.

  • We do not charge an owner surrender fee, but all donations are gratefully accepted and very much appreciated. It costs money to do what we do, and what we are doing is assisting you (the owner) in a difficult and emotional situation -- placement of your dog.

  • We will do our utmost to find the right forever home for your dog, which involves a huge time commitment and considerable expense on our part. Please be patient. Our goal is to find your dog's FOREVER home, not just somewhere for him to go for now.
  • Since we only have a very limited number of foster homes, we may ask you to foster your own dog for the time it takes for him or her to be adopted or until we are able to secure foster space. Adoption time frames vary from just a few weeks to several months, depending on the dog, as well as the time of the year. During that time we will ask that you make the dog available for showing, which will entail driving the dog to one location in order to meet potential adopters. We show by appointment and only to prescreened applicants whom we feel are a good match for your dog, thus transport is only required when we have a viable prospect.

    Steff introduces "Jet" to new surrender, "Diamond"

    Bert goes to any lengths to make sure he gets a thorough evaluation. Here, "Ruby" is evaluated and accepted into our program.

  • From the time your dog is accepted into our program, we are responding to inquiries about your dog and screening adoption applicants, which includes visiting their home.

  • Once a foster home is available, we will place the dog with a foster; however, it is better for the dog if he (or she) can remain with you if at all possible.

  • We will ask you to disclose everything negative or positive about your dog. We are very candid with our potential adopters. We know that anything, whether it be health or behavior related, will come to the surface eventually. We would much rather deal with such issues up front rather than months after a dog has been re-homed, resulting in their return and yet another displacement.

  • If your dog has a bite history, you (and we) are bound by law to disclose this information. If you don't, you could be liable for a subsequent bite for not having made it known. A bite does not necessarily mean that your dog is not adoptable; many people put German Shepherds in situations they shouldn't and many other factors are taken into consideration...just be honest and forthcoming.

  • Please understand that we must deal with the actual owner of the dog. We cannot deal with third parties (friends, relatives, etc.).

  • Avoid waiting until the last minute to contact us. "I'm leaving the country next week" does not allow time for proper placement.

    After you have read the information above, if you feel that we can be of assistance, please click on the link below for our Owner Surrender Questionnaire. The form is quick and easy and completion is necessary in order to begin the surrender process.



    Please click and read above link if you are short on time to re-home your dog

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