Operating our rescue for the past 20+ years, we have had many losses of the canine kind -- those dogs that were fortunate enough to find their forever families, and those that lived out their lives with us. As we all know, dogs live to love us and pass away much too soon.

We have been so fortunate to count among our supporters many new friends who we have come to consider family. Until recently, we have not had to say farewell to any of these dear friends... But, it is with a heavy heart that we design a new page on our website to say goodbye to those very special people who have become part of our rescue family.

Chriss O'Neill

Chriss with Crystal and Angel

We are saddened beyond words to learn of the passing of our supporter, adopter and dear friend, Chriss O'Neill. Chriss adopted her first pair of dogs, Crystal & Angel, in 2013. After losing Angel, she adopted Jimmy (formerly Tucker; Chriss named him Jimmy Finnegan because she thought it was a good Irish name) and marched with us in the Gilbert Days Parade in 2017 and 2018. After losing Jimmy unexpectedly and then Crystal, Chriss once again opened her heart to a new pair ... Scout and Ruby in 2021.

Crystal and Jimmy Finnegan

Ruby and Scout

We will miss her smile, her encouragement and, most of all her love and support of us and of our dogs. You will be missed, dear friend ...

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Laura Sandoval
Mary Brahler
Jennifer Blohm
Sandi Elgin
Gloria James
John & Teresa Eversman
Paul & Ann Golden
Greg & Michelle Hillebrenner
Deanna Fujita
   Glen & Nancy May on behalf of
50 Caliber Softball

Sheryl Lovell
Doug & Nida Willson
Kirk Gulliksen
Amy Franks
Nancy Coleman

   Rick & Robin Severs
Barry & Kim Schmidt
Idol & Jill Mitchell
Dori Beecham
Sarah Heiner
Margaret & Robert Bland
Mary Brahler
Donna Beynon

Chriss' dogs, Scout and Ruby, are safely in the hands of her dear friend, Kirk, and doing well.

Pat (aka "The Dog Lady")

We met Pat early in our rescue days through our membership in CABRA (Coalition of All-Breed Rescues of Arizona). She was a lovely lady, completely dedicated to her mission in life -- to rescue dogs. When she offered us a place to put our rescue dogs that we did not have foster space for, we immediately took her up on her offer as we knew they would receive the best of care.

She loved the dogs as much as we did

As Pat grew older, we knew she could no longer handle our big dogs, and we knew we had to find alternative places for them. But that did not diminish the friendship that we had shared with Pat over the years. When she could no longer drive, we took her to lunch and did what we could to help her when she needed it. She was a dog person, heart and soul, and we loved her for it. She will be missed more than we could ever explain. Goodbye, "Dog Lady."

Ralph Bianco

Ever the gracious gentleman, we met Ralph in early 2008 when he volunteered to foster one of our dogs. He took Beckie on, renamed her Sheba and adopted her in short order. She was the queen of his castle (and rode proudly in his Jag convertible) until her untimely death in January 2014; almost 6 years to the date that she had come into Ralph's life.

But Ralph could not be without a dog by his side and immediately applied to foster another. When we did a multi-dog transport from California a month later, our first stop was at Ralph's. He took one look at Keelin (renamed Kaia) and never looked back. Ralph knew she was meant to be his ... and she was from that moment on, and spoiled beyond words.
Ralph with Kaia on adoption day and with Heleen
Ralph, Heleen and Kaia at Santa Paws 2014

We are the better for having known Ralph. His kindness, his zest for life, his beautiful smile and, most of all, his love for the dogs we work so hard to save. We mourn his loss along with Ralph's family and his best friend, Heleen, who has made it her mission to keep Kaia safe.

God bless you, Ralph, for all you have given to us who were fortunate enough to have you in our lives.

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A huge thank you to Ralph's friends who chose to remember and honor him by making a donation to our rescue:
Sue Orischak
Carole Breen
Joyce Hawkins
Patricia Parthe
Ilene & Bud Shapiro
Andrew & Judith Hall
Willie & Sherry Haupt
Charlotte & Bob Roth
Ned & Mary Thomson
Carl & Carole Schneider
Barbara & Michael Francis
Marvin & Diane Waxman
Judith Bartelstone who wrote, "In memory of Ralph, who never forgot to be kind to the animals."