(formerly known as "Scooby Dee")

*Dee-Dee* IN A NUTSHELL: Sweet, gentle 3 year old. Initially shy but gets along well with people and other dogs. Cats are an unknown so far.
We first heard about "Scooby Dee" (whose name we immediately changed to "Dee-Dee") from a rescue worker named, Nancy, about two hours before Dee-Dee was scheduled to be euthanized at the shelter. Nancy offered to help if we'd be willing to take Dee-Dee; she apologized for the urgency of the email, but Dee-Dee had mere hours to live and there was no time for chit-chat or niceties. We knew we had to investigate further (and quickly) to see if Dee-Dee would be a good match for our rescue.

Staff Notes: "I am highly excited in my kennel, please ask to meet me outside. I leash well but pull slightly when walking. I don't seem to know any commands and not interested in a ball. I am smart and eager to learn."

Volunteers Note: "This girl is sweet, walks well on leash is medium energy, and likes to be in the pool. We all know that dogs at the shelter don't always show their potential due to the stressful environment and lack of outside time. Scooby Dee is in one of the loudest most stressfull areas of the shelter where the dogs are taken outside the LEAST, if at all. Through all this, this girl is still sweet and shows her eagerness to connect to her handler. Scooby Dee will soon be on the euthanasia list and is more than deserving to become part of a family. We'd love this girl to get help sooner rather than later."


We looked at the photos and videos of Dee-Dee and made the decision to help her. Nancy went back to the shelter to adopt Dee-Dee and will be picking her up when ready next week. Dee-Dee will be put into temporary boarding until transport is arranged.

Nancy was overjoyed to send us this photo that afternoon

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Leigh Ann S

Dee-Dee has left the building!!

So skinny, but happy to be alive and moving on to the rest of her life

UPDATE 11/4: We received an update, pics and videos from Nancy this afternoon: "Such a sweet girl. She definitely needs to get some weight on her period as you can hear me describe in one of the videos. We've been trying to give her extra food. And I even cooked her some homemade chicken and rice. I think getting her in a home environment and settled to decompress will be good for her."



UPDATE 11/19: We received an email this morning telling us that DeeDee had a seat on a transport heading to Phoenix. Unfortunately, we were already on the road bringing in Huerro and Apollonia and by the time we responded, it was too late to get Dee out of boarding and drive her the two hours needed to meet the transport. We're very sorry to have missed this opportunity, but she'll be heading our way as soon as possible.

UPDATE 11/28: We received from wonderful news from Tara at the Stockton (California) Animal Shelter this morning. After Nancy's transport for DeeDee and Lulu (from Stockton) fell through, Tara reached out to some wonderful dog lovers who volunteered to make the long drive from California to Phoenix and bring both girls to us!! They will be leaving California tomorrow (Wednesday, the 29th) and should arrive in Phoenix some time late tomorrow night.

UPDATE 11/29:

Nancy bids DeeDee a safe trip to Arizona
Loaded up and heading east

DeeDee was very happy to have her feet on the ground in Phoenix

UPDATE 5/13: After being at WGSDR for a couple months, Dee-Dee has put on some much needed weight and made lots of friends! She was moved into foster with our favorite foster mom, Wendy (we didn't have a chance to take a photo), and will be kitty tested at the first opportunity!

FOSTER UPDATE 5/27: According to foster mom Wendy, "Deedee is a very gentle passive little girl. She shows excitement when offered a walk by running in circles but not for long. She will sit to get her leash on. She loves to go for a car ride and lays down on the back seat and doesn't move. She's a perfect office mate. When I'm in the office, she lays by my desk until she stands up to greet someone. They must say her name before she'll get up. As soon as she smells their hand, she will let them pet her. There hasn't been anyone so far that upset her. When I'm working from home, she lays down and naps until I leave the room.

Loud noises and unexpected abrupt movement bother her, but she usually cowers and looks around to see what is happening. Deedee is already becoming protective but she isn't aggressive. As soon as I tell her it's okay, she settles down.

Deedee is a fast learner. It only took twice to be told she wasn't allowed in my bedroom and she hasn't tried to go in again. Like all dogs, she's curious, but hasn't gone through the doorway. Deedee has been leash trained to an extent, will heel on command and doesn't pull when given full leash length. She wants to be where I am, so follows me everywhere. We're working on 'stay' and those kind of commands."

UPDATE 5/29: We had Wendy bring DeeDee over for a kitty test today and we think it was a huge success.

Wendy encourages DeeDee to say hello
Even Kevin (who normally doesn't like dogs) voluntarily came into the room and lay down on the floor to meet DeeDee
Intro with Hermione -- tail going a mile a minute


DeeDee and Wendy ~ kitty test concluded ~ the cats were still all around her, but DeeDee was content to lay down by Wendy

UPDATE 6/7: We attempted to place DeeDee into a home with a cat, but the cat said NO! Initially, DeeDee was all about avoiding the cat at all costs, but once the two had a confrontation and the cat scratched DeeDee, she was not about to let that go. We believe it could have worked out given time, but it was just not in the cards in that household.

Adoption fee $375.00.

If you are interested in Dee-Dee, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Dee-Dee or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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