FEMALE IN A NUTSHELL: 18 month old long-coated female. VERY selective with other dogs -- would do best as an only dog. GSD experience a plus for her adopter. Seems to be OK with cats.
We are currently working on a transport for Sapphire from northern California to Phoenix. Please check back for her full bio and additional pics.


Sapphire gets ready to load up for their trip from Solano in northern California to Phoenix

UPDATE 6/16: We received word from volunteer transporter Nia this morning that Sapphire and Solo had been picked up from Officer Bokum about 3 hours from the shelter and the pair are on their way to Phoenix! According to Nia, "Sapphire is a love -- she's nervous about loading back up but once in the car she's fine."

Are we there yet?

Sapphire has arrived in Phoenix courtesy of Nia and Ryan

UPDATE 7/21: We checked Sapphire in to Doggie District this afternoon to have some fun and meet some new friends!

She stopped to introduce herself to the stuffed dog in the lobby
Tara made her feel right at home

UPDATE 7/27: Doggie District turned out to be too stimulating an environment for Sapphire, and so she was returned to her temporary home with one of our staff members. She would love to find a home of her own.

UPDATE 9/23: Thanks to our volunteer, Wendy, who offered Sapphire a foster home!


FOSTER UPDATE 9/29: "Sapphire is a puppy full of endless curiosity and boundless energy. She loves being outside and going on walks. I'm sure she'd be happy running if given the opportunity. Someone in an earlier life started training her. She is pretty good on a leash, will sit on command if there's food involved and will give you her paw if you aren't fast enough. Her ability to sit or lay for any length of time is similar to a toddler. Unfortunately, they also fed her human food. If you go to the fridge, she will be sitting right behind you. You don't want to step back from a stove without checking for her, as she will be sitting right behind you. No begging at the table is not something she understands yet. She is house and crate trained. Doing her business while on a leash is a new concept but we're working on it. She loves to play fetch and tug with her rope. She is strong enough to pull me and the sofa three feet across a tiled floor."

FOSTER UPDATE 10/24: "Sapphire has become a wonderful, happy toddler. She walks well on a leash, listens to commands, and still likes to play. Grabbing your wrist is her favorite way to say thank you or pay attention but she has learned to control her mouth and no longer bites. When she gets overly rambunctious the easiest way to settle her down is a back scratch. She will be perfectly still for longer than your arm will last.

Sapphire is very intelligent and recognizes my walking shoes. She gets very excited but sits to get her leash on without being told. Even in her excitement she waits for me to go out the door first. We don't have children but had a four year old visit. They both had a great time chasing each other. At no time did she get close enough to him to knock him down nor did she snap or bark at him."

Sapphire and foster mom, Wendy

UPDATE 1/18: In a surprising turn of events, Sapphire was moved to a new foster home when her foster mom, Wendy, broke her wrist after a fall this afternoon! Wendy is facing surgery in the very near future. We wish her a speedy recovery. In the meantime, our thanks go out to the Nenes family for their willingness to give Sapphire a temporary home.

UPDATE: In a not-so-surprising turn of events, Sapphire was returned to our rescue when she began to bully the older male dog in her foster home. If dad was home, Sapphire was the perfect little girl, but as soon as she felt she could get away with it, she started to bully the hound, pick on him and swipe his toys! We hated to say, "I told you so," but we couldn't because the family really cared for her and honestly wanted to make her part of their family. They just had to think of the welfare of their resident dog, particularly since he was a senior. We will, once again, resume our efforts to place Sapphire as an "only child." Foster mom, Wendy, is doing fine!

UPDATE 9/18: We were contacted by Blake, a trainer at Soldier's Best Friend last week. Blake was looking for a project dog for herself to train for Search & Rescue and she inquired about Sapphire. After she evaluated her, Blake decided that Sapphire would be a good candidate for the SBF program and wanted to know if we could bring her back over to meet a potential veteran. You bet we could!!

Sapphire meets veteran Larry under the watchful eye of Blake

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Sapphire was unable to cope with the strict demands of a service dog; however, Blake, the SBF trainer, has faith in her and has volunteered to take Sapphire on for private training and ongoing socialization until she can find a home through WGSDR.

Sapphire is spayed, microchipped, up-to-date on shots and ready to steal your heart! Blake (the SBF trainer) is offering free training session with Sapphire and her adopter when she is placed into a new home. We have asked Blake for a progress report on Saffy and a picture of her and her best friend -- Blake's kitten. We will add that to this bio as soon as it's received.

Adoption fee $375.00.

If you are interested in Sapphire, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Sapphire or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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