(Only Pearl Available for Adoption ~ Luna has been adopted!!)

Intake photos
*Luna* IN A NUTSHELL: Friendly and as sweet as can be. ~ ADOPTED!!
*Pearl" IN A NUTSHELL: Initially shy, but warms up very quickly.
We were first alerted to Pearl and Luna via an email stating, "Can you guys PLEASE SAVE these 2 SISTERS FROM BEING EUTHANZIE AT THE RIVERSIDE SHELTER in CALIFORNIA.......SO PRECIOUS, LOVING, AND BEAUTIFUL...... PLEASE HELP THEM!!!." The email also provided a facebook link. When we investigated the link we found that the sender was a "poster" -- someone who lives in another state (in this case, Nebraska), knows nothing about the dogs (and, in fact, in most cases a "poster" doesn't even know if the dogs they're screaming and posting about are still in the shelter!) and who sounds the alarm for all dogs that come onto their radar, usually resulting in a rescue wasting its time and resources "chasing its tail" while they determine if a dog(s) is truly in jeopardy and in need of immediate help.

While in some instances posting CAN have positive results, we have learned over our many years of doing rescue that, in most cases, the alarm is a false one. Either the dog(s) are not in any danger or, in most cases, have already left the shelter in one form or another! Therefore, we gave little credence to this alarmist and went straight to the source of the original facebook post (in this case, a group called "Saving Riverside's Dogs and Impounded Paws") to find out the true story of the girls. We thank them for saner heads and knowledgeable answers to our questions about the girls which enabled us to come up with a plan to save them.


Our first email went out to our Facebook Angel Kathy J to find out if we were partnered with this shelter. We were but out paperwork wasn't current, but it only took a very small amount of updating to fix that. Next we had to arrange for the girls to be picked up at the shelter and so we called on our friends at Husky Camp, Chuck and Jon, who agreed to be at the shelter on Saturday morning to pick up the girls.

Pearl and Luna came into the shelter together as strays in late July. We don't know if they're sisters or just good friends ... maybe both ... but Luna is listed at just over a year and Pearl is listed at 2 years. We'll have a better idea of their ages once they are seen by our vet for spay surgery. As they waited out the days for their family to find them, they developed an upper respiratory infection, which effectively signed their death warrants. We could not let that happen!

UPDATE 8/26: The girls have left the shelter and are enjoying the hospitality of Husky Camp, awaiting transport to us in Phoenix. We're not entirely sure who is who just yet but we'll figure it out soon enough.


UPDATE 9/10: Pearl and Luna have arrived in Phoenix! It was dark when we arrived, so we'll work on getting pictures of the girls here in Phoenix as soon as they've settled in. They are scheduled for spay surgery on the 20th and 22nd.

Pickup in Quartzsite

UPDATE 9/17: Unfortunately, once they were settled in in Phoenix, we discovered that Pearl was in season! We will be postponing her spay surgery for about a month. Luna, however, will be spayed on September 20th.

UPDATE 9/20: Luna had her spay surgery today and came through without complication. Our vet determined that she was approximately 12 months of age and had not had any litters of puppies, which is great news. She also showed a weight gain since leaving the shelter; she's now up to 55.5 pounds.

UPDATE 10/1:

Luna introduces herself to resident senior, Jake

Luna (left) and Pearl (right)

UPDATE 10/3: Luna moved into her new foster home this afternoon with multi-adopter Jen in Chandler. If she and Duke can get along long-term, this could be a permanent arrangement for her. Paws and fingers crossed!

UPDATE 11/3: Pearl had her spay surgery this morning and came through just fine. The vet also found a good sized hernia which was repaired at the same time. She's resting comfortably at her foster home and will be available for introductions and adoption in about 2 weeks.

UPDATE 11/12: Pearl heads off for some spoiling time with foster mom Wendy.

UPDATE 12/14: Our sweet Pearl moved in with new foster mom Sherry and new furbrother, Milo, this afternoon.

First order of business was a tour of the yard

FIRST FOSTER UPDATE 11/14: "Pearl is doing really well and definitely is getting comfortable with me. She is sweet and well behaved. She is trying with Milo but he needs some time for adjustment."

UPDATE 12/21: Sadly, after just a week in her new foster home, Pearl is being returned to our rescue, "Unfortunately this isn't going to work out. It's not Pearl -- she is such a sweet, affectionate, obedient dog but I've come to realize I'm not ready for a second dog yet and the time and attention needed for the adjustment. She warmed up very quickly but Milo isn't handling the situation very well. They are competing for my attention too much. I think she would be great with a family."

Thankfully, foster mom Wendy was happy to take Pearl back.

FOSTER UPDATE 1/3: "Pearl is a sweet, gentle little girl. She wants to make you happy and be loved but she's unsure of what that takes. She's very shy and has little self confidence. Socialization is a must for her. She has gotten more comfortable with every trip we've made to the office or Home Depot. Pearl hasn't been exposed to much and even going for a walk was brand new. Now she gets excited when you go near her leash. She loves to play with other dogs. It doesn't matter if they're big or small. Her tail goes up and wags every time we see one. Toys are something brand new to her. She doesn't know what a ball or chew toy is. Pearl is very food motivated. She finally got interested in a chew bone when I put treats in it. She loves peanut butter and any other treat I've given her."

FOSTER UPDATE 1/10: "Pearl is a very smart girl and she learns quickly. She 'heels,' follows me in and out of doors, doesn't pull on her leash and will 'sit' for a treat without being told to. Pearl doesn't budge until she hears my alarm or sees me get up. She knows our routine in the morning and is ready for each step. She's not allowed in my bedroom so she lies in the doorway while I'm getting ready. If I'm not paying attention and she needs water, she will tap the bottom of her bowl with her paw and look at me. The expressions on her face are priceless. Pearl is a delight to have around."

UPDATE 1/14: We brought Pearl out today to meet a potential foster family. All went well and Pearl headed off to Gilbert!

Pearl (front), Apple (middle) and Losie (rear)

Foster mom Wendy with Pearl

Gidget (left), Losie (center) and Pearl (right)

Pearl heads off to Gilbert with her new foster family

FOSTER UPDATE 1/14: "Thank you so much, Nancy. They are doing great together and we love her so much already. They played a lot in the yard together. Gopi and Eugene fell in love with her as well."

FOSTER UPDATE 1/15: "Thank you so much for arranging the introduction for us yesterday. After bringing Pearl home, it took her just 5 minutes to explore and familiarize herself with our house. She spent playing about an hour in the backyard with Losie. Initially, as you mentioned, she showed no interest in toys, but after seeing Losie enjoying them, she picked some up and played too. She even played a tug-of-war with Losie! However, this sweet girl is so gentle that she let Losie win every time.


We are perplexed why she hasn't been adopted yet. She's nothing but sweet. All she needs is plenty of attention, love, cuddles, hugs, and food. She exhibits no resource aggression whatsoever. She shares toys and even allowed Losie to steal a bone treat (Losie got scolded by me, of course, and Pearl was happy to have the treat back). She loves and enjoys car rides. We went for a hike this morning, and she cherished every moment and was sniffing everywhere. Although she loved the hike, we realized that all these activities are just extras for her. What she needs most is LOVE and HUGS!"

FOSTER UPDATE 1/17: "Good morning, Nancy! I'm excited to share an update with you! It's only been four days since she joined us, but she's already showing so much more confidence. She's learned to play with Losie and has even started enjoying toys. They've been play wrestling and tug-of-war, and she's surprisingly strong! Losie has actually lost a few rounds of tug-of-war, which was quite funny. Both girls really adore each other's company. They're gentle with each other even during their wrestling matches. Yesterday, they stayed out in the backyard for five hours straight, only taking short breaks for water before resuming their play. They were so exhausted that they crashed into bed at 8 pm and didn't wake up until 6 am!


Also, I'd love for you to check out the training video. This girl is incredibly smart. In just four days, she's learned to respond to commands like 'hand', 'down', and 'wait', and she's eager to learn even more. She's also great on a leash. I plan to teach her more commands, as she really enjoys training sessions - or maybe it's the treat rewards she's after!"

FOSTER UPDATE 1/22: "Over a week update! Pearl has been doing wonderfully and has transformed so much! She's now fully engaged in playing with other dogs, even winning occasionally in tug-of-war against Losie. She's learned to playfully fight over toys, always in her gentle way. Despite having plenty of toys, Pearl and Losie seem to prefer playing with the same one – even though I bought the identical ones for each of them!


She sleeps in a crate in our bedroom and has started to alert us in the morning with a small squealing sound after my alarm goes off, associating it with wake-up time. It's astonishing to see her energy levels, especially keeping up with Losie, a Belgian Malinois who is a pocket-sized T-Rex...

Interestingly, Pearl prefers wrestling and running around in the yard over hiking. She loves sniffing around in the park and isn't too keen on long trail walks without grassy fields. However, she's happy to play all day in the backyard. She's very affectionate and seems to enjoy staying in her safe, familiar territory. (I think she's just adjusting and eventually, she will like hiking as well for sure.)

Pearl is highly food-motivated, making it easier to teach her commands. She's currently learning a 'heel'-'walk'-'stop'-'sit' process, as well as moving from left heel to right heel, which is useful when encountering other dogs on walks. She's quick to learn and remembers new commands the next day.

If there's a downside, it's her mild separation anxiety. I recommend crate training her for at least an hour daily. I make her crate comfortable with her favorite toys and treats, and though she whines initially, she settles down. I've been leaving the house for an hour each day to help her adjust. She stops whining after about 5 minutes. (I monitor this with a security camera). Continuing this crate training will help her feel secure when left alone.

Overall, she's doing amazingly well! ... Both dogs tried puppuccinos for the first time and absolutely loved them!"



FOSTER UPDATE 2/3: "A note about Pearl -- while she gets along with Losie, I've noticed she really craves individual attention. She's not keen on sharing affection and prefers to be the sole recipient of pets and cuddles. Initially, she enjoyed wrestling with Losie, but recently, she's become more attached to me, always wanting to be by my side. It's clear she sees us as her safe place now. Pearl is an absolute sweetheart and, as you said, truly deserves to be pampered and loved like a princess. Given her desire for undivided attention, we believe she would thrive best in a home without other dogs, where she can be showered with all the cuddles and love she desires."

Pearl's change in attitude comes as a complete surprise to the rest of us who have lived with Pearl since she came into rescue. She has always been fine with any and all dogs in her household. When she lived as an "only child" with foster mom Wendy, Wendy would ask to schedule play dates for Pearl with other dogs since Pearl seemed to be missing the company of other dogs. We have asked foster mom Meg to correct any negative attitude from Pearl towards other dogs or when she tries to object to Meg giving the other dog in her household any attention. We'll see how it goes.

FOSTER UPDATE 2/4: "I have a few updates to share about Pearl! Recently, she started showing protective behavior during our morning walks, growling and sometimes barking at other dogs. Following your advice, we've been working on correcting this behavior immediately, and she's responding incredibly well. Today, despite encountering three dogs, she remained calm, focusing on them without aggression. Your tips were invaluable -- thank you so much!

Pearl seems okay with GSDs like Kiara, which suggests her leash reactivity might be selective. She's quick to listen and doesn't pull on the leash, so I'm optimistic about managing this behavior with consistent training. Apart from this, Pearl is as lovable as ever -- a true cuddle bug.

She also appears to prefer being the only dog in the household. While there's no aggression towards Losie, Pearl's desire for all the love and attention is evident. She expresses her feelings vocally and sometimes physically but responds well when we give both dogs attention simultaneously. Despite enjoying playtime with Losie, she lately prefers staying indoors, seeking human company over canine companionship.

Training-wise, Pearl is excelling. She demonstrates excellent patience, recall, and leash manners, even amidst distractions from other dogs.

We've also observed her behavior at home without a crate; she's perfectly content watching TV on her bed -- a hilarious and heartwarming sight captured by our security camera. She's completely housebroken and comfortable being alone.

In essence, Pearl's needs are simple: hugs, kisses, yummy treats, and an abundance of love. While she might adapt to living with another dog, she'd undoubtedly be happiest as the sole recipient of her family's affection.

Thanks again for your support and advice!

FOSTER UPDATE 2/5: "Pearl is learning to wait her turn for cuddles and she patiently waited today. I think because she was only child at Wendy's, she didn't know how to share love like she didn't know how to share toys. She's a smart girl. She's learning day by day.

We took Pearl for a hike. We confronted there dogs. She didn't growl or bark (hair stood a bit), as soon as we said no barking and leave it! She tried to growl but we said NO! And she immediately stopped! Thank you for the tip! We'll keep correcting that behavior when we see it. By the way, one of the dogs she confronted was GSD, and she didn't react at all... It's so interesting. It reminds me of Kiara. She hates all the dogs except GSDs.

She's in the process of understanding what is right and wrong, and she's genuinely making an effort. The joy on her face when she received her cuddles in turn today was something else , as if she had won the greatest prize. Remarkably, she never shows aggression towards Losie, no matter what, even during their playful moments when Losie ends up with Pearl's entire head in her mouth! We will continue teaching her how to share love."

FOSTER UPDATE 2/5: "Pearl would thrive in a family that has either a white German shepherd or neutral dogs with a lower to mid-level drive. While she craves a lot of affection and loves being the center of attention, she does significantly better when she has the companionship of another dog when she's left home without any humans. It makes her feel less lonely and more secure. In terms of outdoor activities, Pearl is content to simply sniff around the park and enjoy leisurely walks, unlike Losie, whose mission is to seek out rabbits and walk as long as she's allowed. They love each other, but their interests diverge when it comes to walks, so I've started walking them separately, which they seem to enjoy more as it allows them to go at their own pace. Remarkably, Pearl has completely stopped reacting to other dogs. It's as if she's had an epiphany that she doesn't need to be protective, which came after some effort to correct her behavior. At her core, Pearl remains the gentle soul we've always known, needing lots of affection and love. We hope to find the perfect home for her..."

UPDATE 2/24: Pearl's foster family bought her a sniff mat for stimulation training. Pearl is so obsessed with it, but guess what... She's too smart and she figured "Hey, if I flip it, all the treats fall and are easy to eat!" She's just too smart.


FOSTER UPDATE 2/26: "I wanted to share some updates about Pearl. We went for a hike yesterday, intending to cover an easy 4 miles. However, we ended up on a more challenging 7-mile climb due to losing our way. Despite this, Pearl was incredible! She didn't stop once and continued walking enthusiastically for the entire 4 hours. We came across four different dogs along the narrow trails, but Pearl didn't react negatively to any of them and just kept on walking. She received many compliments from passersby and even enjoyed being petted by small girls during the walk. She seemed genuinely happy to receive attention, wagging her tail, while Losie appeared a bit more cautious and observed Pearl and the children from a distance, shaking a bit.

I'm puzzled by Pearl's previous reactions to dogs about three weeks ago, which seem to have disappeared now. However, she still isn't fond of small dogs barking at her. While she doesn't retaliate, her back hairs stand up, indicating her discomfort.

Pearl has now mastered the 'wait' command and shows remarkable patience, whether it's waiting for treats, before walks while I put collars on the girls, or at mealtime. She's shown no signs of resource guarding with either humans or dogs. When she's excited, she does these adorable bunny-like hops.

Initially, after seeing her leash reaction towards other dogs three weeks ago, we thought she might be better off without canine companionship since she seemed to crave human attention exclusively. However, it's become clear that she benefits greatly from Losie's company, especially when they're left at home alone. Pearl seems more secure and less lonely with Losie around. They've also resumed playing together in the yard. It seems the period when Pearl was acting out of character was due to confusion and uncertainty about her new environment. Initially thrilled, perhaps thinking her stay with us was a short play visit, she likely became confused upon realizing she wasn't returning to Wendy's house, missing both you and Wendy. Now, it appears she's settled and feels safe, and maybe she thinks 'I don't mind playing with this crazy little T-Rex dog (Losie).' Well, of course, she would definitely do great if she was the only one in the household.

One more video was Losie puts Pearl's snout in her mouth all the time, and Pearl somehow likes it and intentionally goes to Losie and puts her snout close to her mouth to let Losie munch.... Look at her face...who let anyone munch snout like that. I love her adorable facial expressions when her snout is taken hostage lol.

Overall, Pearl is doing amazingly well, and it's a joy to see her thriving and adapting to her new life with us."

Pearl Adoption fee: $395.00.

If you are interested in Pearl, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Pearl, Luna or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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