LOBO (formerly known as "Osiris")

*LOBO* IN A NUTSHELL: Large, outgoing and friendly boy. Has had some training and is willing to learn. He LOVES to play ball and gets along well with the other dogs in his foster home (he likes the girls best, but is also happy to play with the male puppy, Peanut)
This handsome boy appeared on our radar in September when we received an email from a shelter volunteer, "I am a volunteer at MCACC West and walk dogs on Wednesdays. As per our protocol, I quickly scan a dog's file within the Dog Portal at MCACC computers prior to walking a dog (checking behavior, preferences, health, etc). When I logged into Osiris's file on Wednesday, his intake section had several paragraphs about him being microchipped and it leading MCACC to contacting an owner in TX (I did not write down these details, thinking I could reread this at home, and try to make more sense as to why a dog, with an owner who seemed to want his dog back, was not happening and said dog was now up for adoption). From what I recall, a Deb from MCACC reached out several times and spoke with the owner of Osiris who said he is a truck driver in Texas (I think dog was let out of his truck accidentally while on the job), that this dog was a therapy dog and important to him, that due to his job he could not come to Phoenix prior to the hold that MCACC has on Lost Pets being up, that he was saddened to hear that his dog was going to be put up for adoption."

We immediately reached out to the volunteer to see if we could get any contact information for Osiris' owner, thinking that if what we had been told was true, we could certainly get Osiris back to his owner. We had just signed Bob on as a new foster, and he immediately volunteered to go down to the shelter, meet Osiris and adopt him. The first thing we found out about Osiris is that he is in no way, shape or form a "therapy" dog -- someone's good buddy, yes, but a therapy dog, NO.

Bob and Lobo

INITIAL FOSTER REPORT 9/26: "My life has been turned upside down in 3 short hours since Lobo moved in. It took 3 people to get him into my truck and secure. Then this 80 pound, 3 year old White German Shepherd came loose and wanted to sit on my lap in 5 o'clock traffic. We're leaving for Payson in the morning but he will be tied up like a rodeo calf. (Kidding) I can foresee a lot of training and therapy in the weeks and months ahead. Then maybe we can find some training and therapy for Lobo. Since Osiris is the Egyptian God of fertility, Lobo may be more suitable for this majestic creature. I will be known as Defeatus, the Egyptian God of got my butt kicked."

FOSTER REPORT 9/28: "We made it to Payson ok and Lobo traveled very well. He seemed to know when we were close to the house because he woke up and began whining. He's still very active and explored every inch of the house last night. He has a baseball and two tennis balls. I have two beds for him here but he slept wherever he wanted. He spent much of the night trying to get me involved in playing with him. This afternoon I took him to the park where we met several people and a couple dogs. He did pretty well except for dogs passing by. He barked at all of them until they were out of sight. I let him off leash when we got back home and he ran to the front of the house before going to the door and waiting for me to open it. He responds very well to commands and it is evident he is very smart. It's only been a few days but I see a little improvement in his overall behavior. He's starting to realize he has boundaries . Tomorrow should be a big day with the Frisbee exercise. More to come........"

FOSTER REPORT 10/4: "Lobo and I are adjusting to each other very well. He is still a very hyper-active dog but we are learning to trust each other. He really enjoys going out and playing Frisbee and chasing balls around. However, he has chewed up all the tennis balls I have. I'll have to get some of those indestructible balls for him to play with I even allowed him to jump out of the truck without his leash. He ran down the street about 50 yards or so but came right back when I called his name. He follows me all over the house and wants to be with me wherever I go. He has been good with other people, but he will need more interacting with other dogs. He didn't do well at the dog park the other day. Sometimes he thinks he is a lap dog and will jump on me while I'm watching TV and put his head on my chest. I just can't help but love him when he does that. I have contacted a couple dog trainers to help me work with him. Modifying his behavior is beyond my skills so I think this will be good for both of us. Overall, he is a great dog, very smart, but needs socializing more than anything else. In his current state, he is very lovable but not adoptable. In fact, it may be a while before I can take on another WGS to foster until Lobo is more socialized. We will be returning to Phoenix around October 21. I hope to start his training right after that. So, with any luck, we should be able to do some fostering by early November."

FOSTER REPORT 10/16: "There is not a lot new on Lobo's development. We are still learning a lot about each other. I have had him join me in a couple social events and he does all right with other people, but not with other dogs. He is OK around ducks at the lake but those are the only other animals he has been exposed to. I have left him home alone a couple times and he does OK with that. He did destroy one of my blinds next to the door but there was no other damage in the house. I watched him with my security cameras and he was rather calm but did do some pacing around the house. So, separation anxiety does not seem to be a problem. I opened the front door and turned him loose and he seems fine with that also. He ran somewhere out of sight but when I called his name, he came running back. I can do that here in Payson but I am not ready to try that in my Phoenix neighborhood. However, I did release him in my Phoenix neighborhood at night when I was sure there were no other dogs or people in sight. But I kept a close eye on him and did not let him get too far. We will probably leave for Phoenix in the next couple days and will be in Phoenix for the winter. I will try to get into a training class as soon as I can. He is still not adoptable but he is very lovable. He follows me everywhere and wants to be with me all the time. I think he will be a great dog once he knows his boundaries."

FOSTER REPORT 11/22: "I know it's been a while since I gave you an update on Lobo, but there has not been a significant change. We have been back in Phoenix for a few weeks now and he has had a professional trainer come over and work with him twice. His progress has been slow but it's a little better. He is still extremely hyper when people come over or when they walk in front in front of the house. He will bark at them from one side of the back yard then run to the other side of the house and bark at them again until they are out of sight. He still does not show any friendliness toward other dogs of any size. Next week the trainer is going to bring her dog and introduce him to Lobo and we will see how that goes. If it dark outside and I don't see any people or dogs around, and it's late in the evening, I may let him jump out of the truck and let him run off. He will take off as fast as he can and run to the end of the street but he will come back when called. He just loves to run and jump and play and get excited. However, the last time I did that in Payson, he didn't come back because he discovered the neighbors (about 1/4 mile away) had chickens. They captured him and that's when they called you. But they loved Lobo and loved playing with him until I showed up. Overall, he is still doing OK. I would like to see him act a little normal when people come around and when he comes in contact with other dogs. But he is real good at following basic commands and his progress is slow but, at least, there is some progress."

We thought Lobo needed some socialization with other dogs and people, so we asked Bob if he would be willing to "trade" Lobo in on a smaller model -- Ten -- and he agreed! Lobo will be taking up residence with one of our staff members in a busy, multi-dog household. We'll see how this big boy does sharing room and board with other dogs. Please check back for updates.

UPDATE 12/15: We finally got a chance to meet our newest rescue furkid when we paid his foster dad, Bob, a visit this afternoon to pick up Lobo for his move to a new foster home. Lobo was very excited to have two new people in the house, but when told to sit, he did so immediately. Bob's training is paying off!

Bob with Lobo and volunteer Lucas

Definitely needs to gain some weight
As advertised, Lobo loves to play ball
We tried introducing him to one of our females (Aurora), but she was too much for him so we
decided to call it a day and try with a different female another day

Lobo has now taken up residence with one of our staff members in a multi-dog household so that we can fully assess his willingness and ability to get along with others.

UPDATE 12/17: We introduced Lobo to a quieter and more friendly female (Apollonia) this morning. It's our guess that Lobo has been an "only child" for most, if not all of his life as he really has no idea how to play. Apple seems determined to show him! She did everything she could think of to try and engage him, but he wasn't quite ready for all-out play just yet. We'll continue the play-partnering and see what happens. We think Apple will win him over ... and she did! Lobo now also plays with DeeDee and Lulu, so he's making new friends.

Apple at left / Lobo at right

UPDATE 2/18: With Apple moving on to a new foster home, Lobo has expanded his circle of friends and is now happy to play with everyone and anyone (including a male youngster) at his current foster home. He is putting on some much-needed weight and is always happy to play a good game of fetch. Previously his "give-it-back skills" left much to be desired, but his foster has been working on that and he will now return the ball and drop it at your feet ... most of the time. He's a happy boy but is always willing to step up and let strangers know that he is there. We doubt anyone but a fool would brave that deep bark of his to find out whether he is friendly or not -- he is! He has made great strides now that he has the structure (and a firm pack leader) that he so desperately needed and is a relatively easy keeper.


Adoption fee $385.00.

If you are interested in Lobo, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com. This questionnaire link is only for Lobo or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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