*INDY* IN A NUTSHELL: Young adult boy, about 75/80 pounds. Fabulous, outgoing temperament, zero training but more than willing to learn. Gets along well with other dogs and possibly cats. Definitely needs training. Is currently an indoor dog.
We literally didn't have a square inch of space to spare, but when Margaret reached out to us about surrendering Indy, she offered to foster him for as long as it took us to find his forever home.

Margaret also provided us with these photos:

Indy and one of his current housemates


Indy was adopted from Maricopa County Care & Control back in December of 2022. He and the family's smaller dog get along just fine. He even gets along with the family's cat and is also very gentle with the family's 2 year old nephew. However, once the female black & tan, Athena (pictured with Indy), was added to the family, the trouble began. Whenever Margaret even tries to pet Indy or give him any attention, Athena "gets mad" and becomes protective and territorial, taking it out on Indy. In order to protect Indy, and because he has the better temperament and should be easier to rehome, the difficult decision was made to rehome Indy.

UPDATE 3/9: Indy had his formal evaluation this afternoon by a staff member and volunteer Lucas. He was happy and very excited to meet us -- no hesitation whatsoever with strangers entering his home. He was on a flat, buckle collar (which has probably been used to try and walk him [without much success] his entire life), so pulling was the name of the game until we switched to a training collar and a leather lead. It didn't take Indy very long to realize that he was now in the hands of someone who knew the rules and the ropes and he was quick to acquiesce to his/her wishes and was walking on a loose lead, right by his/her side in no time at all.


We left current mom with instructions to begin crate training and leash training as well.

Adoption fee to be determined.

If you are interested in Indy, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at This questionnaire link is only for Indy or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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