*MARJORINE* IN A NUTSHELL: Initial impression is "initially shy, needs socialization to bring her out of her shell."
*BUTTERS* IN A NUTSHELL: Initial impression is "typical shepherd." He was initially cautious with us, but once we offered a treat and sat down on the ground, he smothered us with his love and affection.
We received an email on April 12th from Diana, "I am reaching out as you were a resource given to us by Heidi's Village for two white GSDs we found roaming our neighborhood yesterday. They are currently contained in our yard and we have someone coming out this evening to scan them for a chip. We've posted on several platforms and have had no one reach out looking for them thus far. We're unable to keep them long term; we reached out to the Humane Society because the male has a limp, but they would only take the male and not the healthy female. We didn't want to separate them because they appear bonded so they forwarded us to MCACC. They said they could pick up but it would be several days. We scheduled with them but let them know we would continue to search for rescues to take them in case they could be taken sooner and hopefully be kept together. They were found in the area of 23rd Ave and Southern Ave. I'm attaching photos of the dogs, they have been super friendly but with our own dog we are unable to house them long term. Other rescues have said they cannot take them immediately and have long wait times. We're hoping that we can find someone before they have to go to county. The male is intact, I am unsure about the female."

Diana with Butters and Marjorine

From Diana about the pair: "Butters and Marjorine were found roaming a new build community off 23rd Ave and Southern Avenue on Thursday, April 11th. Members of the community had posted seeing them roaming and following people around in the late morning and early afternoon. That evening after work, my fiance' John and I made a trip to Petsmart for treats for our own dog, and when we got home, we saw Butters and Marjorine sniffing around still hanging out on our street. Luckily we had the treats in the car and decided to see if they would come to us. They showed curiosity but were a bit reserved initially. Butters gave us a few warning barks but came right up to us and took the treats when we sat down. Marjorine was a lot more wary with her approach, but stuck by Butters who seemed to give her reassurance.

We attempted to place them in the car to take to an emergency vet to get scanned for a chip and to have Butters checked as he had a bit of a limp in one of his front paws. We hadn't earned enough trust and they were not keen on the idea so after a few treats, we were able to lure them into our backyard where we gave them dog food and fresh water. They were both very hungry and went right to sleep once we left them alone for the night. Immediately we got to work posting on several platforms in case someone was missing these sweet pups. Someone on Nextdoor was able to connect us with an admin from Animal Lovers of Laveen who said they could come out the following evening to scan for a chip.

On Friday April 12th, we contacted the Humane Society who told us they wouldn't be able to take the dogs together and would only accept sick or injured dogs. We mentioned they appeared bonded and we'd like to keep them together if possible so they directed us to MCACC. They told us they wouldn't be able to take the dogs immediately so they gave us a few numbers to contact for rescues to see if they had placement availability. One of those contacts was Heidi's Village. They weren't able to take the dogs but they sent us more resources to call and we came across White GSD Rescue. I emailed Nancy and gave her a rundown of the situation with some photos of the pups. That evening, Lisa from Animal Lovers of Laveen came out to scan the dogs and unfortunately no chip was found. Someone from one of the groups we posted to reached out and said they could house the dogs until owners were found or a new home was located. I contacted Nancy with an update and we went on standby until the potential pickup.

Come Monday, April 15th, the pickup fell through due to extenuating circumstances, so I reached back out to Nancy. I let her know we had filed a found report with MCACC and scheduled a pick-up, but were doing what we could to avoid having the dogs go to county. Nancy graciously agreed to come meet the dogs with one of the rescue volunteers. We attempted to take the dogs out on a walk with some leashes and collars we bought over the weekend. Butters was resistant and a bit fearful. He kept tangling with Marjorine and would slip between our legs and dead-weight on the driveway. Eventually he started to pull back and slipped the lead. Soon after, Marjorine followed suit, and they took off once again roaming the community. We were able to track them down at one of the nearby community parks and lured them with treats. They immediately came to us and followed us back home with no problems off leash.

On 4/16, we attempted to give the dogs a bath. While Butters had an aversion to it, Marjorine allowed us to place the slip lead on her and let us use the shower hose setting and shampoo her with no issue. She didn't appear to love it, but she was docile and allowed it. She seemed to enjoy being dried off with the towel and still gave us affection after. Marjorine doesn't appear to know tricks, doesn't seem to like being on a leash, and will jump up for attention. Similar to Butters, she approached others calmly and didn't demonstrate reactivity with other dogs. We tried to play with a ball with both dogs, but they don't seem to know what to do with it or show much interest, they prefer to be pet and have company.

On Wednesday, April 17th, Nancy and Lucas from WGSDR were able to come out and meet Butters and Marjorine. I mentioned to them that my fiance enjoyed watching South Park and came up with the names. The dogs were again wary at first, but warmed up with treats and when we all got on the ground for pets. We were able to setup a plan to have the dogs go to White GSD Rescue!

It was obvious the pair were already attached to Diana but were more than happy to make friends with us once the treats came out

A little bit about Butters: He is a big guy who enjoys attention. Appears to have initial male (human) aversion but warms up quickly with treats, pets, and a slow approach. He does not appear to be used to wearing a collar and does not enjoy being on a leash. Butters approached other community members who were walking their dogs and did not appear to have any signs of aggression. There didn't appear to be any reactivity and he happily sniffed at our pup through the gate with a relaxed body and wagging tail. He would also bow showing that he meant no harm to our feisty pup. Butters is also more than happy to share his food with Marjorine from the same bowl. He allows us to pet him while eating and to put our hand in the bowl without reacting. He loves stealing attention from Marjorine, when she is getting pets, he is not shy to interject. He doesn't appear to know many tricks, and will jump up for attention so he may need some training, but he is gentle when taking treats and overall a huge love bug.

A little bit about Marjorine: A sweet shy girl who is a bit slower to warm. Marjorine definitely follows Butters' lead when interacting with others. It took her a little longer to trust us, but after the third day she was extremely excited and happy to see us. She is a gentle girl who loves affection and I have no doubt she will easily bond with a lucky family. She doesn't eat as much as Butters and seems to prefer company while she eats. She also seems to prefer eating when we put the food on the floor. She shares her food with Butters with no conflict, doesn't mind being pet while eating, or if we put our hand in the bowl as she eats. We feel they have always been outdoor dogs, they are fairly quiet throughout the day but will bark to alert and howl with sirens. We are unsure how they would do indoors."

We didn't have a square inch to spare, but were anticipating an adoption, so we agreed to go to meet and evaluate the pair.

UPDATE 4/17: Our staff member and volunteer, Lucas, went down to south Phoenix to meet the pair that Diana's husband had named "Butters" and "Marjorine" for the South Park characters.

We will be picking up the pair this coming weekend. We have already scheduled Marjorine for her spay surgery on April 25th, followed by Butters' neutering on the 30th. They will also be microchipped and updated on vaccinations. We will ask our vet for an age estimate (ours is 2-3 years at the most) and a health assessment. They will be available for adoption as a pair or separately.

UPDATE 4/20: The no-longer-wandering pair has joined us at one of our staff member's homes. We will give them time to settle in and then slowly introduce them to the joys of being indoor dogs. Our thanks go out to Diana and her fiance, John, for taking these two off the streets of south Phoenix and protecting them until we were able to intake them.

UPDATE 4/25: Marjorine was spayed today, updated on vaccines and microchipped. She came through the surgery with flying colors. Her age was guesstimated to be approximately two years. She will be recuperating at the home of one of our staff members and will be available for introductions and adoption after a brief recovery period.

UPDATE 5/10: Marjie and Butters are recovering from their surgeries and are doing well. They are now perfectly crate trained and we are working on introducing them to other members of the resident pack. We are discovering that they both have very sweet personalities now that they are comfortable in their surroundings. We'll work on getting new photos of them this coming week.

UPDATE 5/16: Marjorine has completely recovered from her spay surgery, so we thought it was time to get some updated photos of this lovely girl.


UPDATE 5/17: It was Butters' turn in front of the camera today.


The two dogs have been living separately, although in the same household, and are very comfortable being out with other dogs. Marjie even likes to play with Hailey! They both LOVE being indoors, although a run in the yard is always welcomed.

Adoption fees: $350.00/each or $500/pair.

If you are interested in Butters or Marjorine, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com. This questionnaire link is only for Butters and Marjorine or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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