TAZ (formerly "Blake")

*BLAKE* IN A NUTSHELL: 18 month old youngster. High energy; rough play style. Has received training with the Soldier's Best Friend program. Friendly and social with all.
We received an email from our Facebook angel, Kathy J, first thing in the morning, letting us know that this little boy was at a very overcrowded CA shelter AND on the e-list for tonight! She tried to get information from the shelter, but wasn't having much luck. Happily, we have a dear friend, Cindy, who just happens to live in the same city as the shelter and we asked if she could go over and meet the boy.

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Initially, Cindy wasn't able to oblige as she had workmen at her home, but later in the afternoon we received a call from Cindy, and we could tell immediately where she was -- at the shelter!! Shelter personnel were SO happy to see someone from rescue, that they immediately had to show Cindy ANOTHER white GSD (female) that was also on the e-list for tonight, an adult female. They introduced her to Cindy first, and Cindy said she was very sweet and friendly and kenneled with THREE other dogs!! She was asleep when Cindy went to meet her, but she gladly rose from her nap to get some attention.

After asking to meet the boy, Cindy was told she would have to wait because shelter personnel were busy trying to help another rescue pick up a Golden Retriever that had been hit by a car and had 2 broken legs! Cindy was happy to wait but did inform us that, since she thought she was only coming to the shelter to MEET one dog, she had brought her car, which would be too small to take two large German shepherds. In order to take them, she would have to run home and get her truck, but Cindy didn't want to risk losing her place in line to be helped since it was getting later and later.

A quick text to our friends at Husky Camp, and they were on the road to the shelter before I could say another word and by 4pm we were receiving photos of the pickup at the shelter!

Thank you, Cindy

UPDATE 6/27: Blake and Cyndie headed to the vet today for their spay and neuter procedures.

Blake lets Cyndie know that they're in this together

UPDATE 6/27: Blake had his neuter surgery today and came through without complications. He will be brought to Phoenix at the first opportunity, although we'll probably wait and bring him when Cyndie is ready to make the trip in another week.

UPDATE 7/8: Thanks to Chuck and Jon of Husky Camp and volunteer transporter Betty, Blake made the trip from California to Phoenix this afteroon and is settled in comfortably at his temporary foster home with one of our staff members.


Once the cat spat and hissed at Blake, he made a very hasty exit stage left and never looked back!

UPDATE 8/22: Blake had his official kitty test this morning and did very well. He was initially interested in the cat and wanted to sniff. She allowed the sniffing to a point, and they said "NO MORE." Blake backed right off. When she went under the kitchen table, he attempted to follow, but when corrected decided it wasn't worth the effort. We think he could live successfully with a dog saavy kitty.

Hi, Lucas! Did you come to visit me?

Hello, kitty


Ear sniffs

UPDATE 9/21: Blake was evaluated by Blake at Soldier's Best Friend this afternoon and, pending his physical, will be going into the SBF program to be paired with a veteran!

Will work for food!

He was fine with being flipped onto his back
Loud noises? It's a FOOD bowl! Blake's fine with it.

Learning to follow

Up and over the A-frame
Blake even got him to walk the agility catwalk!

UPDATE 9/29: Blake returned to Soldier's Best Friend this afternoon to meet a veteran who is in need of a confident, friendly dog. Blake applied for the job. We'll know by next week if he's hired!


UPDATE 2/1: Blake (now "Taz") is being returned to our rescue for rehoming. The veteran that he was paired with decided that the Soldier's Best Friend program was a commitment that he was unable to make at this time. Since Taz was chosen for this veteran, this also means that Taz is resuming his search for a forever home. He is a very energetic and bold boy, and his training has progressed almost to the point of him being able to take and pass his Canine Good Citizen test.

UPDATE 2/15: We took Taz down to Heidi's Village for some playtime and a meet & greet with prior adopters Sandy and Rich.

We definitely took advantage of the photo opportunity and Taz was more than willing to oblige

Our thanks to prior adopters Sandy & Rich, who offered Taz the opportunity to visit and see if their pack was a good fit for him ... unfortunately, it wasn't. Their pack is older and they have several very young grandchildren, and Taz is still very much a youngster. From Sandy & Rich: "First, we want to say that we love Taz!! He is a bold, energetic, handsome boy. We do though, need to recognize our changing family dynamics. We now have 8 grandchildren under 6 and they all have 'Yorkie' like little dogs. Our Taz is full of energy and would be great for a young, energetic family. He loves Rich and would do great with any man. ... The vulnerability of our little grandkids and their little dogs have to be our first priority. I know this is a cowardly way to tell you this, but with tears this is the best I could do. I know this is a big surprise; its a big surprise to us. I think we felt we will always have a pack of big dogs, that's what we do. But while the babies are so little, we need to adjust. Our first family with dogs and babies will be here the end of May. I know space can be a short commodity for the rescue; Taz is welcome to stay with us until the end of May. I will continue to support Taz from a distance with donations and love. I am so, so, sorry this didn't work out and that I didn't consider my very changed life until he was here. I had complete failure of imagination. Keep doing what you do for these beautiful dogs. We are all grateful! P.S. Other than the puppy mouthing, he was a perfect gentleman. He runs like the wind and no potty accidents inside! :) A++++."

Adoption fee $375.00.

If you are interested in Blake, please fill out our PROSPECTIVE ADOPTER'S QUESTIONNAIRE. You will be contacted by return email. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please Email Nancy at WhiteGSDRescue@AOL.com. This questionnaire link is only for Blake or other white German Shepherds on our site. WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU until a questionnaire has been completed.

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